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    If you have ever woken up and opened the refrigerator to find that all the food has gone warm then you know the devastation when a refrigerator goes out. The refrigerator holds on average $100 worth of food on any given day and when it goes out you usually have a small window of time to either consume all the food or call out someone to repair it as quickly as possible. When faced with this ultimatum, call Appliance Repair 512.

    You can also have a refrigerator or freezer that is over cooling and causing your food to freeze or ice to form in the interior of the unit that can be causing you to lose space and causes the unit to stop working properly. Many refrigerators are also outfitted with a water and ice dispenser that can go bad and stop working as well. When this happens a repair technician can come and assess the unit and decide on the best course of action to repair the parts that are malfunctioning.

    We are available 24/7 and our friendly dispatchers can send an emergency appliance repairman right away. You can also use our preventive maintenance services where a technician can look for areas that tend to cause the unit to go out and make the necessary part replacements before the problems occur.