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    The washer and dryer are two different appliances that work together to get all the laundry in a home clean, wearable and useable. Most homes that have children are doing a load of laundry nearly every day to keep up with the demand. When the washer goes out it can be a problem with the motor, pump or drainage system. When this happens it can leave the laundry with no water or a basin full of water that will not drain. Either way the laundry will not be cleaned appropriately. If the dryer goes out it is often times the heating element or the fan that has stopped working and will not dry the clothes and instead leave them a wet lump. You can always hang them out to dry but that will take much longer and leave your home and yard looking cluttered.

    If you hire other appliance repair people to make the emergency repairs when your washer and dryer goes out; you could be waiting days for them to arrive and even more days for them to get parts to actually repair the issue. Appliance Repair 512 has technicians standing by in fully stocked vehicles. We have access to the parts that are needed to make the emergency appliance repairs right away. We also offer preventive maintenance services or washers and dryers to help keep them running as long as they can for a fraction of the cost of replacing them prematurely.