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  • 10 Surprisingly Quick & Inexpensive Kitchen Appliance Repairs

    Has your refrigerator suddenly stopped keeping food cold? Is your dishwasher leaking? You’re probably thinking the worst, that you’ll need to replace the appliance. But don’t panic. More often than not kitchen appliance repair involves a quick and inexpensive fix for these and other appliances. If you experience any of the following 10 problems with your appliances, you may be surprised at [...]

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    How Much Time Do Common Home Appliance Repairs Take?

    If you're coming to this article hoping for a list detailing exactly how much time it will take to repair your broken appliance, you might be disappointed. Some problems can be fixed in a matter of minutes, while others take multiple visits to resolve––and there's usually no way of knowing which scenario we'll be dealing with until we arrive at your home and take a look at the problem in [...]

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    5 Most Expensive Washing Machine Repairs

    For many households, a washing machine is a necessity to make sure that they keep up on laundry. With busy schedules and a family to take care of, you probably don’t have the time to do laundry by hand. So, keeping your washing machine working is important. There are times that your washing machine can break down and the repairs can be costly. Here is a look at the five most expensive washing [...]

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