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  • Dishwasher, Garbage Disposal & Ice Machine Repair

  • Appliance Repair 512 understands that a broken down or poorly running dishwasher is extremely inconvenient. There are many problems your dishwasher could be having that are preventing the results you expect; crystal clear glasses and sparkling flatware. The trouble can be with the spray arms being backed up or the drain can be getting backed up. If you have cloudy drinking glasses or dirty dishes after the cycle is done, call Appliance Repair 512. Our expert technicians are available 24/7 to help troubleshoot your dishwasher’s problems and solve them!

    Your garbage disposal is modern convenience and a vital part of your kitchen and home no-one wants to do without. It is an easy way to remove small amounts of debris that is left on your dishes without scraping into the trash can. Whether you are experience no power to your garbage disposal, it is making loud noises or it is clogged and not draining, call Appliance Repair 512 to fix it today!

    If you are old enough to remember life before ice makers, you can really appreciate the convenience of not having to fill ice cube trays and wait for the ice to freeze to enjoy an ice cold beverage. Many ice makers are part of the freezer but are their own appliance with their own problems. If you go for a glass of ice only to find it empty you may need to have it repaired. Whatever the reason your ice machine isn't working, call Appliance Repair 512 to get it working again!