Today, many homeowners can’t imagine living without their washer and dryer. They use them frequently to keep all of their clothes clean and ready to wear without having to make a trip to a laundromat. While washers and dryers are designed to be as durable as possible there are many different things that could go wrong.

Washer Machine Problems and Repairs

Washer machines have a lot of parts that need to work together correctly for the clothes to not only get clean but to get as dry as possible before they go into the dryer. Washers need to be able to soak the clothes, agitate them to get as much dirt off as possible, then spin them dry. A few of the most common issues with a washer machine include the following.

  • Washer Won’t Spin – The most common reason for a washer to not spin is that the lid switch assembly is no longer working. If the switch does not lock, for safety reasons, the washer will not spin at all. Replacing this switch will usually fix the issue.
  • Washer Won’t Drain – The drain pump can clog, causing the washer to stop draining properly. Cleaning out the drain pump or replacing if needed can typically solve this issue and allow the washer to drain properly again.
  • Washer Overflows – A washer overflowing is typically caused by the water inlet valve or the pressure switch failing to work properly. Both of these can be tested and repaired if needed to prevent the washer from overflowing again.

Washer repair can be done quickly to fix any washer machine that’s not working properly. A trained technician can easily figure out what the issue is and have the washer up and running again as fast as possible so the homeowner won’t have to go long without a way to keep their clothes clean.

Dryer Problems and Repairs

Line drying just isn’t possible all of the time. Whether it’s raining outside or the pollen count is high, homeowner won’t want to go long without being able to use their dryer. Some of the more common issues a dryer might have will include the following.

  • Dryer Isn’t Getting Clothes Dry in One Load – This is one of the most common problems for a washer, and the main issue is that the vent is clogged. Failing to fix this can not only lead to soggy clothes, but to a fire as well. The lint trap should be cleaned out manually every time the dryer is run and the vent should be cleaned at least yearly.
  • Dryer Isn’t Turning On – This is typically because the dryer is not getting any power. It may be as simple as checking the fuse, but if that isn’t it, the issue could be that the dryer has a bad start switch. A technician can check the switch to see if that’s the problem.
  • Dryer Drum Isn’t Spinning – If the dryer turns on and gets hot, but the drum doesn’t spin, the clothes won’t get dry quickly. The most common cause of this is a belt breaking. A technician can replace the belt and ensure the problem is fixed.

Any issues with a dryer can quickly and easily be diagnosed and fixed by a trained technician. Keeping the lint trap clean and contacting a professional for help as soon as an issue is noticed will help keep the dryer in great shape so the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about finding another way to dry their clothes.

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Problems with your washer and dryer don’t mean you need to start saving for new appliances or start loading the car to take your clothes to a laundromat. Instead, you can have your washer or dryer fixed as quickly as possible by contacting repair services today. Washer and dryer repair services will help you save money and make sure you can keep your clothes clean.