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As appliance repair professionals, we get a lot of questions from homeowners–not to mention our family, friends, neighbors, cashiers at the grocery store. Once people find out what we do for a living, they want to get our expert advice and while we don’t work for free, we can answer some common questions homeowners have about appliance repair. Read on for the questions we get asked the most. 

1. When is an appliance worth repairing and when should I just buy a new one?

Someday a mathematician will come up with an equation that will give you a precise answer to this question, but in the meantime, it’s a matter of weighing the age of the appliance in question, the cost of replacement, the cost of repairs, and the number of repairs you’ve already had to make on the appliance. 

Just like with a car, you tend to get a sense when it’s time to send your appliance off to the big junkyard in the sky — if you’ve put $1000 into refrigerator repairs in the past year and you’re looking at another $300 repair, it might be time to start shopping for a new fridge.


2. What can I do to make my appliances last longer?

Maintain them! Learn about your appliances. Read the instruction manuals from the manufacturer. Find out what you need to keep them in tip-top shape–and then do it. Make it part of your deep-cleaning routine. Even simple things like using the self-cleaning feature on your oven regularly and emptying out your lint trap after every use of the dryer (yes, every use!) can do a world of good for your home appliances.


3. Is my gas oven leaking?

Probably not, but your gas company will be happy to send someone out to check if you suspect it is–and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Gas appliances do emit a lingering, subtle gas odor, though, and if you have keen senses — or happen to be pregnant! — that smell can be noticeable and bothersome.


4. Should I try to make the repair myself?

Maybe. If you’re on the handy side, it might not hurt to try, especially if you’ve done some research online and feel confident that you can make the fix. But if you’re dealing with gas or electricity, it’s probably best to call in a professional.


5. Why is my dishwasher overflowing every time I use it?

It could be a mechanical problem with the dishwasher, but when we see this issue, it’s usually because a homeowner is using too much soap or the wrong kind. The good news: this is an easy one to fix.


6. Which appliance brands are the best?

We have a whole blog post devoted to our picks for the best appliance brands


7. Why does my garbage disposal make noise, but doesn’t seem to actually do anything?

If your garbage disposal makes a buzzing sound but doesn’t actually dispose of anything, there’s probably something in the disposal blocking the blades. Turn off the disposal, carefully try to find what’s blocking them, and then turn it on again. Use the reset switch under the sink if you’re still having trouble and if that doesn’t work? Give us a call.


8. Why is there condensation on the food in my refrigerator?

First: is the refrigerator door open? No, we’re not being condescending: if you have kids and a French door fridge, it is very easy for them to leave the door open ever-so-slightly (and unnoticeably!), which lets warm air in. If this isn’t the case, it could be a worn gasket on the refrigerator door that isn’t sealing properly.


9. What should I do if my appliance breaks after business hours?

This is absolutely the worst, isn’t it? Or at least it was until our 24-hour appliance repair service. No matter what time of day, what day of the week, give Appliance Repair 512 a call at 512-351-7624 and we’ll come out to help.

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