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There is just something utterly delightful about an ice-cold beverage – especially on a hot day. Whether it truly quenches your thirst better or it just seems more satisfying, having a working ice maker can bring a lot of joy to your kitchen. 

That is until it breaks. 

What do you do when you have an icemaker that stops giving you ice? Is ice machine repair possible? Absolutely. 

Why Ice Maker Repair? 

Ice makers can be found inside the refrigerator, requiring you to get ice within the freezer or through the refrigerator door. Or, ice machines can be independent, self-contained units that supply a larger, steady flow of ice that you’d scoop out with an ice scooper. 

Both of these work similarly, using a solenoid water valve or water pump to collect water and pour it over a chilled ice tray that then freezes the water before dumping it into the collection bucket. Believe it or not, that is the very simplified version as there are a lot of parts involved in turning water to ice. 

Ice Machine Repair: Troubleshooting Tips

A few of the common issues you will encounter with ice makers can be easily rectified so that your ice starts flowing again quickly. Others will require the help of a trained professional. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge some troubleshooting tips that can save you time. 

Too Much (or Too Little) Ice. Whether your ice bin is overflowing or you find yourself rationing ice between glasses, there are steps you can take to adjust the flow. It usually stems from the water inlet valve. This valve can get clogged over time and may need to be cleaned, defrosted, or replaced if it is faulty. If you choose to tackle this yourself, be sure to turn the water off to the icemaker first. And, if you aren’t sure what you are doing, it may be best to get a professional involved. 

Ice that Tastes Bad. Nobody wants poor quality ice or ice that has picked up a bad taste. This has a very simple solution as it is often the result of odors in your freezer. The longer the ice sits in the bin, the greater the chance it can soak up these new, unwanted flavors. Throw the old ice away and clean your ice bin with soap and water or a mixture of water and vinegar. Just be sure to rinse it well. Then, clean out your freezer, making sure there are no spills and that everything is securely fastened.

No Ice at All. If your ice maker all of the sudden stops making ice, it could be a very easy fix – involving the paddle arm. This is designed to slow ice production when the ice bin gets full. As it fills with ice, the arm raises and, when it reaches a certain level, will halt making ice. Sometimes, in full freezers, it is so common for food items to slide over the bin and block the arm in the up position. This will cause the machine to not make ice at all. Make sure the area around your ice maker and its bucket are free and clear from food items. Something else to consider is that the water supply line is frozen and needs to be defrosted. A hairdryer can often do the trick!

Leaking Ice Maker. If your ice maker seems to be working properly, but you notice water leaking onto the floor, then you will want to make sure your refrigerator is level and that the water supply line is not damaged, pinched, or with kinks. You will also want to check the fill cup to ensure it is draining properly. 

Ice Maker Repair at Appliance Repair 512

Austin, TX can get hot – so you need a working ice machine. With the help of the skilled professionals at Appliance Repair 512, you can stay cool while sipping an ice-cold beverage. We are locally owned and operated, servicing all major brands of major appliances. And, we even offer same-day service, too.

Contact our office at (512) 351-7624 to schedule an ice machine repair appointment. 

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