Broken Fridge or Freezer

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It has happened to all of us at one point or another. You hear an audible, almost clicking sound and that comfortable hum of our refrigerator running is no longer in the background of your ears. What is going on? The lights are still on, so it isn’t a power outage. But you reach into the fridge and no cold air is being blown into your face. Not wanting the precious cold air to escape, you close the door as quickly as possible. You shake your head with the knowledge that, yes, your fridge has given its last breath.


But I Just Got Groceries!

Don’t panic. Food can stay fresh for a while, as long as you keep the air in the appliance as cold as possible. This means not opening that seal of the door any more than absolutely necessary. Keep the kids out of the constant “mom, there is no food in here,” look in the fridge/freezer as they scan the full shelves. The most important thing is to just KEEP IT CLOSED.


Call Your Local Repair Person

Perhaps it’s the middle of the night or a holiday weekend, so most repair services aren’t available. But at Appliance Repair 512, we offer same-day refrigerator repair service, 24 hours a day, for a reasonable fee. We’ve been there, and we understand.


If You Need More Time

Perhaps there’s a raging storm and the roads are blocked. Maybe everyone on the block had their refrigerators go out at the same time. If you need more than a few hours, don’t panic. Grab a cooler. We all have them for summer vacations and road trips. Fill it with all the ice you have in the freezer, as fast as you can as not to let out the much-needed coldness. Put in the important things that will spoil quickly – dairy, meat, juices, etc.


Cook whatever you think may go bad, and tell the family it’s a pot-luck lunch/dinner. But again, doing your best to keep both doors closed as much as possible. This should get you through for 24-48 hours, although you may have to go buy more ice to keep your items fresh. This is an easy $5 alternative to your losing $150 worth of food for the family.


This is NOT an Emergency

It is no fun, but you will get through it. While you wait for the repair person to become available, do not stress. Food lasts longer than you imagine. Take the steaks you got on sale and make some jerky for snacks. Cook those hot dogs by the fire and make it an adventure. Have cookies to get rid of the milk before it turns to cheese. Or learn how to make cheese. Just don’t let it get to you. Just breathe.


We’re Here for You

Appliance Repair 512 will be there in no time to fix your problem. We offer same-day service with a smile. Contact us today at (512) 351-7624 for help!

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