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For many households, a washing machine is a necessity to make sure that they keep up on laundry. With busy schedules and a family to take care of, you probably don’t have the time to do laundry by hand. So, keeping your washing machine working is important. There are times that your washing machine can break down and the repairs can be costly. Here is a look at the five most expensive washing machine repairs.

Cracked Washing Tub

A cracked washing tub puts your washing machine out of commission immediately. The tub is that part that the clothes sit in, and it fills with water every time you run your washer. The crack lets water leak out of the tub and into places where it can cause a lot more damage. In most cases, the only way to repair the crack is to replace the tub entirely, which can be expensive.

Broken Motor

A broken motor won’t do as much damage as a cracked washing tub, but it will stop your washer from running. The motor is responsible for moving the tub. Without it, your clothes just sit in the water. Motors can break for a variety of reasons including overuse and overloading your washer. A repair can be costly since it is a critical part and takes advanced engineering skills to replace safely. It also means that other parts may need to be dismantled in the process, causing longer repairs and higher labor costs.

Non-functional Agitators

Many washing machine models have moved away from having an agitator at all. If your agitator is broken on an older washing machine, it might be very difficult and expensive to replace the part. The agitator forces the water through your clothes, which is what gets them clean. Replacing an agitator can be costly, but not finding a replacement can cost even more. In this case, you will need to replace the entire machine.


Replacing a pump in a washing machine may or may not be worth the cost of repairing it. Depending on the age of your washing machine and the cost of the pump for the specific model, your appliance repair professional will let you know how much the pump will cost to replace. For high end models of washing machines, it might be more cost effective to replace the pump. However, for many economy models, you might save money by buying a new one.

Clogged Drain

While it doesn’t mean you’ll need to replace your washing machine, many families find themselves surprised by the high cost of clearing a clogged drain. They may call the appliance repair company to report standing water in or around their washing machine. If there isn’t another cause, they will typically also have to call a plumber. This can mean two service fees and visits. If possible, try to accurately describe the problem to the appliance repair company to rule out a potential clogged drain visit.

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