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The garbage disposal is one of those appliances that has transformed the way we live our lives. And only when this appliance is broken do we realize just how important it really is. So how do you know when your garbage disposal has stopped working? What are the signs of a broken garbage disposal? To know which signs mean a garbage disposal is broken, read on!

Sign 1: Garbage Disposal Making Strange Noises

A garbage disposal can make a strange, unpleasant sound for various reasons. It could be that there’s something in it that shouldn’t be there, like a lid or a utensil. It could also be that internal components are misaligned and grinding together. Once you hear a strange noise emanating from the garbage disposal, you shouldn’t turn it on again until the system has been assessed.

Sign 2: Garbage Disposal Keeps Clogging

Garbage disposals can break down a wide range of foods, but some foods can’t be put in the garbage disposal, as they’ll either damage the blades or cause a clog. If backflow is coming up from your drain, this may be because the garbage disposal is clogged.

To prevent clogging, avoid throwing foods the garbage disposal can’t handle down the drain, and keep your system clean. A clog could also mean another component is malfunctioning, and such malfunctions are more common with older devices.

Sign 3: Leaking Garbage Disposal

Leaks coming from the garbage disposal can indicate there’s a problem. It may be that the system is not properly connected to nearby plumbing fixtures, or it might be that the garbage disposal is damaged. The leaks would result in water pooling under the disposal.

You may mistake a garbage disposal leak for a sink or dishwasher leak, which is why you should have a professional look at the system, as they’ll be able to tell what’s wrong. A leaking disposal that’s not treated properly could lead to mold growth and damage the cabinets.

Sign 4: Foul Odor Coming From the Garbage Disposal

When you put food down the garbage disposal, it may smell bad for a little bit, but then the smell goes away. Therefore, if there’s a long-lasting smell emanating from your garbage disposal, this could indicate there’s a problem. Don’t use chemicals to clean the disposal, as these can damage the system. Again, it’s best to have a professional diagnose and fix this problem.

Sign 5: Garbage Disposal Won’t Turn On

If your system won’t turn on, obviously there’s a problem. It may be that a circuit has blown or an electrical component is no longer working, and the motor not running at full capacity is another sign of a power problem.

Call (512) 351-7624 if your garbage disposal exhibits any of the signs above. Our technicians will do everything in their power to get your system up and running again, and should you need a replacement, we can help with this as well.

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