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Refrigerators are an essential component of any household. Taking care of your refrigerator not only keeps your food cold and fresh, but also extends the appliance’s lifespan and avoids broken parts. Regular maintenance also prevents build up of harmful contaminants and bacteria that can cause sickness and spoiled food. Some small maintenance checks can go a long way towards making the most of what your refrigerator has to offer.

Maintain Airflow In and Around the Refrigerator

Having a steady stream of cool air in and around your refrigerator will prevent overheating and keep the machine in top shape. Place your appliance in an open area away from cabinets and walls, and not stuffed into a corner. Inside the refrigerator, place food in a manner that makes lines of open space from front to back. If a freezer is attached, move products so that they open up space for the defrost drain in the back.

Check Temperature

Refrigerators operate best below 40 F, and at 0 F in the freezer. Check the temperature of your appliance using a handheld thermometer. Avoid relying on internal thermometers as they may be incorrect or broken. You will also want to check temperatures in the room you keep the refrigerator. If a room is too warm or unventilated consider relocating your appliance for improved performance.

Clean the Drip Pan

Located at the bottom of the refrigerator past the grille, the drip pan collects excess condensation generated when cooling. Occasionally washing out the pan prevents any excess buildup of deposits. Tracking the water level of the pan is also a great way to check for any potential issues with your refrigerator. If the pan is too full or overflowing it is a sign of a water leak somewhere on the device.

Make Sure Your Refrigerator is Level

If your refrigerator is not level it can lead to water leaks as well as the doors opening unexpectedly. Place a carpenter’s leveling tool inside the appliance at the bottom, removing drawers if necessary. An ideal position for your refrigerator will have the level balanced horizontally, and tilted up to one-half an inch towards the back to help with draining. You can adjust the legs of the refrigerator using a wench, making sure to check the balance again once you have finished.

Change Out the Water Filter

Every refrigerator that has an ice maker or drinking water dispenser also has a water filter that needs replacement. Change out your filter at least every 6 months if not earlier. This will ensure the water used by your refrigerator is both free of contaminants and safe for regular use.

Clean the Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are a key component in keeping your refrigerator operating at maximum efficiency. If the coils clog or break not only can it weaken the cooling power of your refrigerator, it can cause your energy costs to spike. To check the condenser coils, look for them in the back of the refrigerator, or underneath after removing the grille in the front. You can clean the coils by sweeping or vacuuming away any debris. 

Learn More About Refrigerator Maintenance

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