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Our washers and dryers are appliances we always seem to take for granted.  We buy them, we use them, and we otherwise ignore them.  We use them every single week, sometimes multiple times a week, and we don’t really think about maintenance because for the most part, they just… work.  Until they don’t.  There is never a good time for your Maytag washer to up and quit working.  Something like this always seems to happen at the worst possible time.  The good news is, more often than not, the problem is a simple one to solve – especially if the machine is just struggling to drain.  Let’s take a look at how you fix a Maytag washing machine that won’t drain.

Empty the Washer Manually

Unfortunately, to properly diagnose the issue, we’re going to need the washer to be free of water.  Scoop the water out into a bucket and pour it down a drain in the bathroom.  Once you think you have all the water out, remove the contents you were washing.  They’re going to be sopping wet so don’t put them in the dryer and cause another problem!  Set them aside, maybe in the bathtub.  Once they’re removed, you will likely find there is a little more water that needs to be mopped up and cleaned out of the machine. Pull the washer out from the wall and unhook the drain hose to get any leftover water stuck inside. This will be the most time-consuming part of the diagnostic steps.

Thoroughly Inspect the Drain Hose

In most cases, the drain hose has somehow become clogged or obstructed, preventing proper drainage from the washer to the gray water drain that runs out of your home.  Clogs usually get caused by years of buildup from very hard water, leftover lint from our clothes, or animal hair being sent to the drain.  Take the panel off of the washer by removing the 2 to 4 screws visible to you.  Remove the hose from the washer drain spout and look for the blockage.  Clogs don’t usually happen more than a couple of inches down inside the hose so some needle nose pliers should be able to pull out whatever gunk you have hiding in there.  If you don’t see an obvious blockage or are struggling to get the machine apart, give us a call.  Prop the ends of the hose up or clamp it tight to prevent other unnecessary seeping or spilling when you’re not dealing with it and let the pros from Appliance Repair 512 take it from here.

In almost all scenarios, it’s cheaper for you to repair a washer than it is to replace a washer.  Give us a call at 512-351-7624 and we will get somebody out to you ASAP, in an emergency.  If it’s not an emergency, schedule an appointment for us to come out and go over everything with you.  We’ll make you a comprehensive quote that will put your mind at ease and have your machine up and running in no time!

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