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Has your oven suddenly stopped working and left you without the ability to prepare your daily meals? This problem can become a serious one if your family relies on your stove everyday, as few modern appliances have the baking and cooking capabilities of an oven. Microwaves and toaster ovens can help in limited situations but don’t have the same level of cooking strength or the broad range of preparation possibilities you get with an oven. But just how much does oven repair cost, and is replacement a better option?

Thankfully, you should find that most oven repair is reasonably priced, depending on various factors that may or may not be within your control. Fully understanding your repair prices can help you decide if you should repair a malfunctioning oven or replace an outdated stove close to failing on you for good. Here’s a good idea of what to expect for your typical oven repair costs in Austin.

Average Cost of Oven Repair

Oven repair costs typically average around $100-300 or so, with an average cost of about $220. Prices will vary depending on a handful of factors, including whether you have a gas or electric stove. Gas stoves always cost more because they have more complex safety elements and carbon dioxide protectors that are costly compared to electric stoves. Repair technicians also have a diagnostic fee that adds anywhere from $70-90 to your repair costs. This fee is set based on the severity of your oven problems, the type of tools they use for diagnostics, and your oven manufacturer.

Average Cost of Oven Replacement

Replacing an oven will cost a minimum of $500 on a budget-brand purchase, though costs may get as high as $750 on some medium-cost wall brands. Some convention or baking ovens can cost between $800 at the low end to $3,300 for high-cost models. These costs are well above that of repair, especially if you need just a few small upgrades for your oven. However, replacement is usually a good idea if your oven is getting older. A typical range has a lifespan of around 20 years or so, though some may start to run into persistent operational problems well before this age.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Oven Repair?

So just what affects the overall cost of your oven repair? Many various elements come into play here, all of which are pretty easy to understand. These factors include:

  • The type of repair needed. Some repairs, such as oven sensor replacement, can cost as little as $200 per repair. However, replacing your control board may cost as much as $300. And if you have multiple maintenance steps to perform, this price may go up even more. Try to balance your repair needs based on the most pressing situation, such as if your gas elements are failing and need repair.
  • Where you live. Life in Austin is an adventure but can be expensive because of the high cost of living in the big city. Oven repair in this area will change based on where you live in the city, with downtown repair being more expensive than that in the suburbs. This factor can be somewhat loose, however, depending on the repair professionals whom you hire and their specialization in oven repair situations.
  • The time of the repair. Most oven repairs shouldn’t take more than an hour. However, there may be times when complex repairs may take multiple hours or even most of a day. As your technicians work on the oven, they will earn more work hour pay, driving up your repairs costs. The number of people working on the stove also affects this cost, though it’s rare to have more than two people on a project.
  • The parts needed for the repair. Some parts are relatively inexpensive on your oven, such as your door, which may cost only $100 or less. More complex elements, such as gas lines and heaters, may cost $200 or more. And when multiple parts need to be placed on your oven, the costs will only increase, as will the repair time required. Make sure you buy the best parts to decrease your repair frequency.

Repair or Replace: What is the Better Choice?

Your decision here will depend on a few various factors: costs versus your appliance needs. If you want to save money and don’t have the cash for appliance replacement, a repair will be your best choice. Though there are a few situations in which repair might cost more than replacement (such as if your ignitor needs to be replaced), you’re always going to pay less with a repair.

However, if your oven is getting old (say over 15-20 years) and things keep going wrong with it, you probably need a replacement. Yes, this choice is going to cost you more money initially. But in the long run, it can save you money by cutting back on nickel-and-dime repairs. Carefully consider this option before you take it to ensure you don’t make a mistake here.

Get Affordable Oven Repair From America’s Appliance Repair

If you need Austin oven repair and want an affordable option, please call us at Appliance Repair 512 today. We can provide a broad array of various services, including appliance repair, to help your kitchen run more smoothly. When you call (512) 351-7624, you can get a free estimate on how much your appliance repair or replacement is likely to cost you.And since we serve the greater Austin area and much of Texas, we can likely come to you and provide the high-quality help you need to keep your oven running. So again, please don’t hesitate to call us at (512) 351-7624 to set up a free estimate on your appliance needs. We look forward to working with you on your next appliance repair or replacement project.

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