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Your refrigerator is a major part of your life.  It keeps your beverages nice and cold on the hot summer days.  It makes it so that Friday night’s pizza can be eaten safely for breakfast on Saturday morning.  Your refrigerator even allows your fresh fruits and vegetables to last much longer than they would last sitting on the countertop.  You probably don’t think about it too often after the initial purchase because your refrigerator just silently does its job for you 24/7, 365 days a year!  Until all of a sudden, it really isn’t that silent and you just want to know how to quiet a noisy refrigerator compressor.

Chances are, you’ve been in a place with a loud fridge at some point in your life.  Maybe a neighbor or friend, a place of employment or perhaps you’ve experienced this unfortunate situation yourself!  The unit seems to work just fine but the compressor itself hums at an annoyingly high decibel count.  This can be particularly alarming or frustrating at night, if you’re trying to sleep.  

4 Steps to Quiet that Noisy Refrigerator

America’s Appliance Repair has created a quick-fix list of just four steps you can take to efficiently quiet the noise from your otherwise well-functioning refrigerator compressor!

  1. If there is a pulsating type of noise coming from the refrigerator unit when it “kicks on,” there is most likely an issue with the compressor fan.  The fan may not be spinning because of a bearing issue or perhaps something like dust or lint is blocking it and hindering it from functioning properly.  You can safely remove the plate and try to take a look at the fan with the power off.  If the fan is gunked up, feel free to use a soft brush or some compressed air to clear the way.  If you see nothing obvious and the fan seems to spin freely, it’s best to call a professional like America’s Appliance Repair or buy a replacement.
  1. The compressor helps regulate the gas and pressure inside the refrigerator.  If the compressor starts to buzz when it turns on, it’s possible the compressor needs to be replaced.  Do not try to open the compressor or resolve the buzzing within the piece of equipment yourself!  Give the team at America’s Appliance Repair a call to help you replace the compressor or maybe you simply decide it’s time to upgrade to a new refrigerator as the compressor is the most expensive replacement part of the entire appliance.
  1. In lighter machines, the compressor can cause rattling.  The refrigerator itself may be vibrating against another item in your kitchen, a counter, cabinet, or a wall.  Be sure the machine isn’t pressed up against anything that may cause vibrations when the compressor and fans kick on.  The back condenser piping could also rattle, should plates and guards not be securely screwed down.
  1. Some compressor motors are simply louder than most people would like due to poor noise cancellation design from the manufacturers.  You can easily make your compressor quieter without replacing it by using rubber jumpers to absorb and dampen the noise.  Use some rubber grommets on the base of the motor of the compressor where the bolts meet the plate.  You can also wrap the motor in noise-canceling mats!

If you’ve tried all of the above steps but still can’t figure out how to quiet a noisy refrigerator compressor, or you prefer not to take matters into your own hands, call America’s Appliance Repair. We can repair your compressor or find the cause of the noise. Call (512) 351-7624 to schedule an appointment today.

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