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Having problems with your clothes dryer? Dryers can experience a number of different problems, but one of the most common issues is lack of heat. If your dryer is turning but not heating up, there could be any number of reasons. There are some things you can check yourself, but some problems may require professional attention. 

Dryer not heating up? Here are some possible explanations. 

Clogged Lint Trap

One of the most common problems when your dryer is not heating up is that the lint trap is clogged. Dryers collect lint from the clothing they dry in a specific area called the lint trap. This trap must be emptied regularly. It is recommended that you clean out the lint trap between every load of clothes you dry. 

If the lint trap is overly clogged it can cause the dryer to overheat. There is a safety feature built into all dryers that causes the heating element to shut off if the temperature gets too high. Try cleaning out the lint trap and restarting your dryer. If it heats up with no other problems, you found the culprit. 

Blocked Dryer Vent 

Even if you regularly clean out your lint trap, the dryer vent itself or the tube leading to it may be clogged. There should be a silver tube coming out of the back of your dryer that attaches to the wall. This is the location of your dryer vent. Disconnect the tube and clear out the lint inside. Then clean out the dryer vent and make sure it is not blocked. A blocked dryer vent can result in the same overheating problem as a clogged lint trap. 

Tripped Circuit Breaker

An electric dryer may cause a tripped circuit breaker. A circuit breaker will trip if it becomes overloaded with electrical current. If you’re running the dryer and other electrical appliances at the same time that are on the same circuit, it can cause the breaker to trip. An electrical issue with the dryer itself could cause the same result. 

Go to your electrical box (usually found in the garage or basement) and look for a circuit breaker that is flipped in the opposite direction of the others. If your electrical box is well labeled, it may list which circuit breaker your dryer is on. Flip the breaker back over and try your dryer again. If the circuit breaker repeatedly trips, you may have a separate electrical issue. 

No Gas for your Propane or Gas Dryer

Do you have a gas or propane dryer? If so, and your dryer is not heating up, it could be that your propane tank is empty or that your gas line is blocked or damaged. Lack of fuel can cause the heating element to fail, but the dryer itself keeps spinning. 

Check your other home appliances that run on the same fuel, such as your furnace or your stove. If those are also failing to heat, check your propane tank, or contact your propane or gas supplier. If your other appliances seem to have fuel, it may be the dryer itself or the gas supply leading to that appliance that is the problem. 

Broken Heating Element

It may be that the heating element of the dryer is broken. If this is the case, that part can be replaced and your dryer restored to proper function. You can determine whether or not to replace the heating element or get a new dryer based on the value of your dryer vs the cost of the repair. An appliance technician can provide you with a recommendation after inspecting your dryer and evaluating its overall condition. 

Dryer Not Heating Up? Appliance Repair 512 Can Help

If you’ve checked the lint trap, the ventilation tube, the vent, the circuit breaker, and your gas source (if applicable) and you still don’t know why your dryer isn’t heating up, contact Appliance Repair 512. We provide dryer repair service in Austin and the surrounding area, as well as other home appliances. Our technicians can work with any and all manufacturers and models. 

Call (512) 351-7624 or contact us today to schedule a service appointment. We look forward to providing you with quality home appliance repair service.

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