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They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and, for many, it is. Not only is it the place where your family gathers first thing in the morning but it is also where you come together again at the end of the day. Meals of nourishment are cooked on your range full of fresh meats and veggies stored in the refrigerator and freezer. After dinner, cleaning up is a breeze thanks to your dishwasher, always allowing more time for family fun.

That is, until something breaks. 

It is tough to cook when your stove or oven isn’t working. If the refrigerator stops cooling, that means you are losing all of your perishable items as the clock keeps ticking. What do you do? And what if it is a Saturday night? 

The answer is simple: Find an appliance repair company in Austin that handles appliance repair on Sunday. If they are open 24 hours a day to take your call, then you can feel even more confident in that Sunday service. 

Common Kitchen Appliance Issues

Kitchen appliances are built with many different parts that are designed to work as a whole. So when one tiny piece isn’t working properly, the entire unit can go awry. Sometimes it is a quick fix, other times not so much. 


Although there are many things that can go wrong with refrigerators and freezers, two of the most common include water leakage and not cooling. The water leakage can be dangerous considering someone may slip and the fact that the unit is running off of electricity. And when it is not cooling, there is a great risk you could lose all of your perishable food items. Consider this an appliance repair emergency!

Range, Cooktop, or Oven

Unless you are a huge fan of microwave cooking, ranges and cooktops are quite important in  your everyday life. But a lot can go wrong – no heat, burners out, uncontrolled heat, etc. Sometimes these issues can be repaired simply by replacing a sensor or a part – without having to replace the entire unit. A professional service technician can help diagnose the problem. 


When cleaning up after dinner, you rely on your dishwasher. So, when it doesn’t start, only hums with no water, or is leaking, you may have to shut it down and resort to old-fashioned hand-washing. A defective door lock, faulty motor, or even a blown fuse could be to blame. With the right attention, your dishwasher can be up and running in no time. 

Appliance Repairs on Sunday

Things don’t always go as planned. It seems like the kids always get sick the first night of a long weekend. Your gas light always comes on when you are nowhere near a gas station. And your appliances break on a Sunday. 

While we can’t help with sick kids or an empty tank of gas, we do know that Appliance Repair 512 can help with your ailing appliances on a Sunday. 

You use your kitchen appliances on a daily basis. So when they are not working, it creates some frustration. It may not seem as big a deal for your dishwasher to break as it is for, say, your refrigerator to stop cooling. But we understand – it is a disruption and an inconvenience. So, we do what we do best and show up to repair it. 

If you find your household appliances in need of repair after-hours or on the weekends – including Sunday – contact the experts of Appliance Repair 512 at (512) 351-7624. We service Austin and the surrounding area.

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